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Joe Rouco

I was born in Cuba 1949. My family was well off, and I knew no hardship in my youth. In 1961, after Castro’s revolution, my family moved to Miami, where we lived in close quarters until my parents were able to rent a 4-bedroom house. This enabled us to help relatives fleeing Cuba who had no other place to go.

It was in Miami that my affinity for all things natural and created by God developed. The smell of the Everglades on an early morning fishing trip, or the sounds of the morning doves while watching the sun rise on the bay are very important memories of my youth. Sounds and smells become feelings.

When I was 15 my family moved to Montclair, NJ. I had seen pictures of the northern woods and had always been fascinated by their beauty - but my interest became an addiction as I experienced the new landscape and the changing of the seasons. Cool clear days with no humidity, very different from the tropical weather of my youth. The gently rolling hills and multicolored trees were very different than what I had known.

I became a daily hiker in all the parks that border Montclair. Soon I wanted to convey the beauty that I saw in my walks. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pen and it was only natural to sketch my impressions of the world I saw.

Though the man-made things of the world provide me with comfort, the natural world is what sustains me as an artist and as a human being; where I feel close to God; where everything makes sense.

Life seems to be a series of waves that never ends and now that I am in a later stage of my life I have returned to Florida where I hope to continue my artistic pursuits and find new styles and subjects to draw.

Artistically, I have been influenced by many sources, some well known some not. Maxfield Parrish, Arthur Rackham, Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, too many to name. All have all left their stamp on me. I admire realism, attention to detail and craftsmanship; the unending quest to achieve mastery of the medium.

This gallery shows many of my works. If interested, you can contact me. Most of my drawings are available as lithographs or Giccle prints. Viewer feedback is very

important to me, as well. Please feel free to email me with comments.


Enjoy your visit!

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